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Town Hall

DONT MISS! Town Hall Press Conference Sunday the 12th of January, 3pm. Venue: FUNLAB (The Bund Finance Center B1)更重要的是:不要错过!1月12日星期日下午3点,放®概念店FunLab(外滩金融中心店),龙焰信息发布会!Dragon Burn is community oriented, community organized and community fueled so come on down and add your flavor to the Burn at our spiffy Town Hall Press Conference. Participate. Town Hall is where you can hear a smidgen about Dragon Burn 2020, ask questions and get a feel for how you want to participate. And, hey, Town Hall is not all you asking us – it’s also us asking YOU to get eager about one (or more) of the projects that are lined up and ready to begin, projects that are just waiting for YOU to turn that eagerness to engagement.龙焰是由社区组织,培养并引导的活动,所以龙焰热烈欢迎每一个你来到这场信息发布会,给出你的建议和想法。参与其中!在发布会中你会了解到一些龙焰的基本信息,也可以询问相关问题以便你更好的参与到之后的活动中。这场信息发布会不仅仅是你来提问问题哦,我们也会邀请你积极参与到一些项目中来,很多艺术项目或者活动都已经准备好接受你的创意及帮助啦!Theme Camps will be also have fundraising booths! Come and hear from them what they are all about.主题营地也将会有他们的筹款展台!也来听听他们在筹备些什么吧!Love! 满满的爱!

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