Adrena Land

Who is Adrenaland? 

Adrenaland is one of the Theme Camps of Dragon Burn (China’s official Regional Burning Man) which has been created two years ago for the 4th edition of Dragon Burn (DB) by the same organizers from Atomic Krew.

The ideas behind this new Theme Camp were pretty simple: bringing more diversity onto the music stages by creating our own one in order to give more space to the entire music genre and also bringing more activities and arts performances than the previous editions.

We also paid a lot of attention by bringing more local Chinese participants to the Burn by ensuring that they too abide by the Burning Man 10 Principles while at the event.

Our goal for the upcoming Dragon Burn is to expand our activities and get more people and artists to actively show their beautiful art and positive energy. But, before getting there, let’s have a little looksie over what we achieved this past year.