Shanghai’s iconic Wutong leaves turns yellow during the winter which looks like a golden dragon laying in the city. The city’s sanitation workers will cut branches from Wutong trees once a while. These branches will normally be shred and burned. We will collect discarded branches to make a dragon, which will become the effigy of Dragon Burn 2018. The work will be completed collectively by volunteers from the general public who play a significant role in the process.

Donate to this year’s Effigy fundraiser!

The Dragon will be 6m. tall in a spiral shape, head to the sky waiting for the flames to come out of his tongue at the last night of the Burn! The body part will be connected by bundled branches that was discarded by the city, the Dragon will be lifted up by bamboo stick. 

The Dragon will be light up by LED lights during the Burn event, at the last night we will remove the lights and start the burn from the Tail! 

The money you donated will be mainly used for below items

  • Branches repurchase from the city
  • Bamboo sticks purchased from local
  • Ropes for binding the Dragon body
  • Nails, iron wire, fuel and other tools
  • Transportation for moving the Dragon
  • Other miscellaneous expenses

Donate to this year’s Effigy fundraiser. Let’s Burn it!