Fundraising Events Guide

The aim of this guide is to provide Theme Camps and Artists fundraising for Dragon Burn clear guidelines on what they can or cannot do. For the most part we don’t want to control how participants choose to run their events or theme camps, however there are a few pesky legal and community issues we unfortunately must address.

This guide will also help you be able to post your events through our channels, which include posting to the website, Official WeChat groups, and other social media accounts.


We cannot tell you how to fundraise or how to run your own events and/or theme camps. However, in order to be able to use Dragon Burn’s Trademarks and social media channels there is one requirement:

  • The event must not be sponsored

If you do not meet these requirements you cannot mention Dragon Burn or use the Dragon Burn logo in any of your event promotion. You also cannot push your event through Dragon Burn’s social media channels; however, you can still make a personal post in WeChat groups.

There are a few exceptions to this rule:

First, every event needs a venue. It’s a bit of a gray area because naturally running an event at a venue promotes that venue, but we will not count this as sponsorship in most cases.

Second, collaboration with other theme camps and artists doesn’t count as sponsorship. However, this comes with the condition that all artists/volunteers involved are also fundraising for their respective Dragon Burn and/or Burning Man projects.

Third, working with charities or other non-profits are generally not considered sponsorship for the purposes of this rule. After all, Dragon Burn encourages participants to contribute to the community even in the default world.

If you are unsure if your event meets our guidelines then you can contact us and we will help  you in any way we can.


“Dragon Burn”, “龙焰”, and the original Dragon Burn Logo are trademarks belonging to Sven Aarne Serrano in China. “Dragon Burn” is a trademark belonging to Mark David Robert McDonagh in the USA. The new Dragon Burn logo is copyrighted by Most Lonely Boy.

Ideally, we want these to belong to the community, but legally someone must protect them. If your event isn’t sponsored and is a fundraiser for a Dragon Burn or Burning Man project, you are free to use any of the above in your flyers, artwork, gifts, or anything else you may produce for an event or art project.

Participants are free to use any of the above for any reason if they don’t profit from it (for example making gifts for others). You can sell items with the above trademarks if the money made from the sales goes towards a Dragon Burn / Burning Man project.

Social Media

Dragon Burn has a few options where we can publish your upcoming events:

  • Events Calendar (on the website)
  • Official WeChat channel
  • Western Social Media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)
  • WeChat Groups

In order to publish to the Events Calendar, Official WeChat Channel, or to Western Social Media your event or project must not be sponsored. You can still post in Dragon Burn related WeChat groups but should make it clear that it is not an official DB event.

If you wish to post to our official social media channels, please contact us and we will help you to post.

What if my event is sponsored?

We can’t tell you how to fundraise for your Dragon Burn projects, so if you think sponsorship is the way to go then that’s up to you. However, you cannot use Dragon Burn’s trademarks or logos and you won’t be able to post to our social media channels.

We’ve also seen pushback from the community itself over sponsored events, so that may be something you should consider before accepting sponsorship.

If you wish to post to our official social media channels, please contact us and we will help you to post.