Nirvana Camp

Nirvana Camp was born out of a dedicated team of Burners with a single focus in mind: building the best Effigy there ever was. Our team consists of artists, architects, archers, designers, engineers, jewelry designers, curators and so on.

With our Early Arrival, we will start our building efforts well before the event. During the Burn, we will camp, cook, eat and build our Effigy together. This is our primary mission.

After the Effigy is built, we will organize water sports such as swimming, water slide and/or boating. We also teach archery, painting, sculpture, simple clothing tailoring, jewelry production, poetry, writing, music creation, architectural design, industrial modeling design, etc.

After the completion the Effigy, we can gift our time to Dragon Burn in the form of volunteering, helping out on the LNT efforts and/or any task that needs to be done.

Together, we will showcase and dedicate our talents at Dragon Burn. Let this event be our celebration of our hard work and with open arms to receive the joy of making new friends, share and love.