By now you should know that Dragon Burn is a non-profit, volunteer run effort. It takes a lot of work from a lot of amazing people to make this event work. We always appreciate any help we get, even if it’s a small thing like showing up. If you enjoy Dragon Burn and want to make it even greater then we encourage you to participate through volunteering!

Remember that everyone who goes to Dragon Burn still needs to buy a ticket. This includes the organisers, artists, musicians, and all the other people who are bringing their own creativity in order to make this a great event all around!

To volunteer, please get in touch with us!

Ways to Volunteer

Here is detailed info on the various volunteer positions we need each year to make Dragon Burn that wonderful, peaceful, and creative experience we all know it for. Positions are first come, first serve, and each pledge is made on good faith you will live up to it! Remember, one of the key qualities that separates a Burn event from all other festivals and events you’re used to is that PEOPLE COME WITH HOPES TO CONTRIBUTE, not just enjoy. When each person brings their own unique contributions, it makes the experience much more vivid and memorable.

To volunteer, please get in touch with us!