Sticker to the Moon

It’s finally time. Sticker to the Moon for Dragon Burn 2024 is selling out soon! Ticket service will be available until the 28th April so plan accordingly.

If you do not have a sticker when you arrive at the site, you will not be allowed entry. No sticker are sold on-site.

Stickers are non-refundable after purchase so please make sure you want to go before you buy.

You can still gift/sell your sticker after purchase – please contact 247 for help transferring. The deadline for sticker exchanges is the 28th April.

Children 12 years and under can attend Dragon Burn for free. (on site camping fee is separate) Any participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Sticker Service here.

Early Arrival Participants

Authorized EA (early arrival) participants have the option to arrive before the event opens to help set up. This is for artists and Theme Camps’ EA teams only. If you’re planning to be on the EA team then you must contact Dragon Burn via your arts or Theme Camps correspondence.

  • Tuesday 30th April (authorized persons only, please contact us!)