It’s finally time. Tickets for Dragon Burn 6: The Great Offline are on sale! Tickets will be available until the 17th April, however we usually sell out early so plan accordingly.

If you do not have a ticket when you arrive at the site, you will not be allowed entry. No tickets are sold on-site.

Tickets are non-refundable after purchase so please make sure you want to go before you buy.

You can still gift/sell your ticket after purchase – please contact 247 Tickets for help transferring your ticket. The deadline for ticket exchanges is the 24th April.

Children 12 years and under can attend Dragon Burn for free. Any participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Children older than 18 months who are coming by bus will still need a bus ticket even if they don’t need an entry ticket.

Buy Entry Tickets here.


All buses depart from a location near Xujiahui (exact location and a map link will be posted here soon). Please arrive before departure time by allowing plenty of travel time.

There is one bus option:

  • Wednesday 1st May, 08:00

At the bus pick-up point a friendly Dragon Burn volunteer will scan your bar-code from your 247 tickets email and give you a wristband which you need to keep on. All bus tickets are return tickets, even if you only need one direction.

Everyone will still be expected to pay for their own travel to the event (including artists, volunteers and organisers).

Buy Bus Tickets here.


All buses leave mid-Sunday afternoon in intervals after pack-down and LNT sweep (leave no trace). Please follow the departure schedule and queuing system on-site. You may arrive back in Shanghai late due to traffic and will be dropped back at the pickup location.

  • Sunday 5th May, from 15:00 at intervals until ~17:00

Early Arrival Participants

Authorised EA (early arrival) participants have the option to take a bus on Tuesday before the event opens, to help set up. This is for volunteers, artists and Theme Camps’ EA teams. If you’re planning to be on the EA bus, you must buy a normal bus ticket for Wednesday 08:00. Then you must contact Dragon Burn via your arts, Theme Camps or Volunteers representative, who will get your bus ticket transferred to the Tuesday EA bus.

  • Saturday 30th April, 20:00 (authorised persons only, please contact us!)