Our guide to help you prepare for Dragon Burn. Read this, or suffer the humiliation of Burn failure.


Dragon Burn is a regional event based on the ethos and principles of Burning Man. Some things may not be clear to you now, but after the event, we believe that you will understand the experience and ethos more. Dragon Burn is an event celebrating art, community, music, fire, imagination, interaction and participation. Our event is 100% not for profit. All of our organizers, artists and volunteers have purchased tickets. There are no sponsors or vendors. Dragon burn is part of a global community of like-minded- open- and loving people coming together in hundreds of events each year. For many, Dragon Burn is a container for growth and new experiences, so check out a workshop, installation or a panel discussion. Set an intention and use your time here as an opportunity to learn about others, the world and yourself.

Be Prepared

The most important thing is your frame of mind. This event celebrates community, you, art, fire, performance, and most of all: community. Got it? This event is made up of what participants bring to it, no more, no less. Arriving with a good mindset is as important as arriving with food, water, and shelter. The volunteers and organizers are great people- please be kind and loving to them.