Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring a tent and sleeping bag?

You will need both a tent and a sleeping bag, plus anything else to make your sleep more comfortable. It will be warm in Anji in May, but it still gets cold at night and it might still rain so come prepared! Check out our list of what to bring for more information.

Will there be tent rentals?

There are no tent rentals. In the past this has caused the Burn to lose some of it’s non-commercial feel. It’s perfectly fine to rent a tent from somewhere else and bring that to the Burn, however.

How do I get to the Dragon Burn site?

Check out our guide to getting to the site.

How much space is there for camping?

Last time we were at Anji we camped 1000 participants comfortably. There are designated areas for the theme camps and plenty of space for everyone else to camp, but if you show up late you may need to get a bit cozy.

Is there quiet camping?

If you’re showing up on the Saturday evening then it is unlikely you will find a quiet spot to camp. We will reserve some space in the quieter areas for people coming with young children.

Can I bring my pet?

We are animal lovers ourselves and know they are cute and fun to play with. But in a multi-participant event, they can get lost and, unlike humans, they don’t use toilets or abide by the ten principals. No animals except service animals will be allowed at the event.

If you wish to bring a service animal please email us.

Where can I buy food/water/beer/other?

Dragon Burn is an event based on Radical Self Reliance. This means you need to bring everything you need with you for the entire Burn – shelter, food, water and anything else you want to bring.

Dragon Burn is also an experiment in decommodification. There will be no money exchanged on site, and there will be no food or drinks for sale.

Take some time to learn how Dragon Burn works.