What to Bring

The Essentials!

  • Identification (original passport or Chinese ID, photocopies or pictures are NOT fine)this is due to new Chinese regulations
  • Tent and Sleeping Bag
  • Food for 4 days
  • Water – at least 2L per day
  • Cup- this is vital. Maybe dress it up a bit too
  • Reusable bowl, plate, and chopsticks/spork
  • Costumes/Outfits – prepare for warm daytime, cold nighttime, with potential for rain
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug-repellent
  • Toilet paper
  • Shelter
  • Toiletries
  • Good shoes
  • Rain gear
  • Trash bags
  • Towel
  • Headlamp/portable light source
  • Earplugs (if you like to sleep at night)
  • Gloves (for building)

What Not To Bring

  • Explosives, aerial flares, rockets and fireworks
  • Firearms of any kind including BB guns, air rifles and paintball guns
  • Hand-held lasers (all other lasers must be registered)
  • Glow Sticks (they contain chemicals that may damage the environment)
  • Items that leave a trace. For example:
    • Wood chips
    • Feathers (including on outfits)
    • Tubs of confetti
    • Glitter
  • Plants, living or dead (unless you intend to eat them of course)
  • Anything that will break up and/or blow away in the wind
  • Pot Noodles/Ramen Noodles, or any other food with low nutrition and excessive packaging
  • Pets that aren’t service animals (if you have a service animal you wish to bring please email us).

Other Things You Should Know

A caveat...
A caveat…

There are no showers, but bring soap because there is Shower Power. Smell good, thanks. Don’t forget that towel.

We will provide a limited amount of ice on site every day during the Burn. The ice is not suitable for drinking – use it to keep your food fresh.