Dragon Burn is coming soon and we are looking for people to participate in various ways. Being one of the 10 principles of Burning Man, Participation is also very important to us. Everyone is a participant, although not everyone has to do everything – you can do as little or as much as you like. However you want to participate your time is up to you, but if you aren’t sure how you can get involved then we have compiled this short list to help you figure out how!

Buy a Ticket

This is the obvious one. We want people to come to Dragon Burn – that’s why we’re doing all of this! All you need to do is buy a ticket and attend the event! This is something everyone has to do – even the organisers, DJs and artists buy their own tickets.

Tickets sales will start soon and will sell out fast, so make sure to keep yourself informed.

Tell Your Friends!

Another principle is Communal Effort and this means people working together! Going to a festival is more fun with friends so share the load! Camp with them at the site, bring them along to FUNdraisers, and spread the news on WeChat! The more people that come the greater Dragon Burn will be!

Bring Gift(s)!

Gifting is an important principle of Burning Man, and is perhaps the one thing that makes Burns unique. With the principle of Decommodification, there is no commerce, no trade and no money at Dragon Burn so we are encouraged to give each other gifts. Whether it be food, a story, a piece of art, a drink, some music, anything you can bring to give to others helps to make Dragon Burn what it’s meant to be!

Come to a FUNdraiser

We are running many fundraisers in the run up to Dragon Burn festival. These fund raisers will help to pay the material cost of our many art installations and workshops. Not only does coming help us out – it’s also a lot of fun!

Keep an eye on the latest events so you don’t miss out!


Tickets cover the cost of the festival but we still need funds to help artists gather materials and transport them to the site. If you have any money down the back of the couch we would love for you to donate, no matter how small the amount. We have T-shirts, shots, stickers, prints, and much more to give away in return for generous donations.

Currently our Effigy Team and our Temple Teamsters are looking for donations.


We need people to help out during the festival. Greeters to welcome people, Earth Guardians to encourage people to Leave No Trace (another principle – we want to leave things as we found them), Rangers to keep people safe (principle of Civic Responsibility – we need to look out for each other) and Bar Buds to help run our open bar, among many other roles to help make the festival fun for everyone.

Read more about volunteering here!

Bring on the Creativity!

We encourage everyone to bring art, music, an installation, or any other way to express yourself creatively! If you want to bring an installation, music, art, or start a theme camp you can submit your ideas here and we will help ensure you have a place at the Burn, and help you fundraise in the run up to the Burn. Even if you miss the deadline you are still welcome to bring your guitar, paintings or whatever you may have to hand!

You may not think you are an artist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still help! We need people to help source materials, construct installations, set up workshops and fundraise to pay for materials.

Come to a Planning Meeting

If you really want to immerse yourself into the planning side then come to one of our planning meetings. All the organisers usually attend all the planning meetings. We keep our meetings open to anyone who wants to bring fresh ideas or feels they can bring more to the table. This isn’t “fun” in the traditional sense but if you’re interested in seeing how the festival is organised or want to get more involved then this one is for you.