Art Projects

The deadline for art GRANT applications has passed. However, if you want to bring an art project to Dragon Burn, you should still follow the link and register an application as soon as possible.

'Hammockville' installation 2015
‘Hammockville’ installation 2015

Burning Man is nominally the world’s biggest outdoor art event. Burning Man art is typically the fun sort: interactive sculptural installations you can climb all over, combined with lights and flames. Burning Man is like a playground for grown-ups. Dragon Burn follows these same ideas.

All the art at Burning Man and Dragon Burn is brought to the event by participants. Ordinary folk like yourself. Have a look at the images of past art at Dragon Burn and if you think “I think I could try that” then you can! And to support you in doing so, Dragon Burn runs a system of arts grants to help you fund your art project. The application is quite easy but you need to have design for your project ready before you apply. The deadline for applications is March 1st 2019, but you don’t have to wait until then to get building.

Floating on a Raft, 2016
Floating on a Raft, 2016

If you have been spending too much time at work and too little time creating something; if you have been to Dragon Burn, experienced the arts installations of others and been inspired to build something yourself; if you have never tried to create an art installation before; if you are an experienced maker, artist, creator… this opportunity is for you.

Art Grants

'Tinsel Town' installation, 2015
‘Tinsel Town’ installation, 2015

The Ministry of Arts offers arts grants! This fund comes from a combination of tickets sales and fundraising events and there is up to ¥35,000 to share among applicable arts projects. The value of each grant is determined by the application submitted, combined with Dragon Burn’s own assessment of the project both before and after the event.

The value of the grant will be determined by March 3rd, 9 weeks before the projects need to be ready. However, the grant will not be reimbursed until after the Burn, therefore your team needs to initially finance the project itself. Please take note!

Photon, 2017
Photon, 2017

The project team may apply for up to 100% of the project cost (materials only, not time or expenses) although many contributors ask for less, typically 0–80%, since the art project is normally considered a ‘gift’ to the community and event. The Ministry of Arts will make an assessment of the art project based on the below criteria and adjust the grant accordingly. After the event, the grant may be adjusted again if the project fails to live up to the scope of the application.

  • Quality of the art project (e.g. interactivity, whether people like it)
  • Accessibility
  • Safety
  • Sustainability (e.g. reuse of materials, low carbon footprint and material waste) 
  • Leave No Trace 
  • Whether it delivered as per the application 

Your project needs to be planned and costed and receipts/evidence of spending submitted.