Ticket Sales Start Tomorrow!

The Dragon Will Burn Again!
The Dragon Will Burn Again!

We’re happy to announce that Dragon Burn tickets will finally go on sale tomorrow (20th April 2017) at 13:00 China Standard Time!

Tickets will cost 300RMB for entry and if you are getting a bus it will cost an extra 150RMB. Most participants will need to purchase the combined 450RMB tickets. If you are planning on making your own way in from Nanjing or Hangzhou (or any other nearby location) then you can just purchase the 300RMB entry ticket. If you do not have a ticket when you arrive at the site you will not be allowed entry.

Buses will leave 8PM Friday, 8AM Saturday morning and 8PM Saturday evening. If you think you may need to come in earlier (to set up an installation for example) then please get in touch with the organisers as soon as possible and we will help you make arrangements. Everyone will still be expected to pay for their own travel to the festival (including artists, volunteers and organisers). We will stop selling bus tickets on the 14th of May, so if you need a bus ticket make sure you purchase one before that date.

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