History of Dragon Burn’s Temple

2017: Fire Lotus Temple

As is true for Burning Man, the Temple’s purpose within the community is to provide a reflective, balanced, sensitive and spiritual space which encourages our burners to use their time in The Temple to release whatever holds them back. Members can write wishes for the future, frustrations which stop them in life, memories of love, sadness, grief, anger, excitement, hope, and happiness. They can meditate, practice mindfulness, listen, breathe, pray, or simply “be”. 

It is a space for everyone to become in tune with their inner thoughts and selves while, beyond the walls  of The Temple,‘the Burn’ around them is filled with the energy of the greater community. This year, we can express ourselves by adding to the central installation in the temple with our writings to complete the installation that will grow with the written contributions of each member of the event.

The Witness Tree and Fire Lotus Temple, with all the dedications, will be burned from the base up, releasing all of the energy combined by the people who have shared their time, beliefs, and thoughts out into the atmosphere.