We’re sorry, but tickets for Dragon Burn are no longer on sale. But don’t have any fear of missing out – after all, it was better next year!

If you do not have a ticket when you arrive at the site you will not be allowed entry. No tickets are sold on-site.

We’re sorry, but tickets are non-refundable after purchase so please make sure you want to go before you buy. You can still gift/sell your ticket after purchase – please contact 247 Tickets for help transferring your ticket. 

Children 12 years and under can attend Dragon Burn for free. Any participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Children older than 18 months who are coming by bus will still need a bus ticket.

Buses will leave 8PM Friday, 8AM Saturday morning and 8PM Saturday evening. If you think you may need to come in earlier (to set up an installation for example) then please get in touch with the organisers as soon as possible and we will help you make arrangements. The return buses will run throughout the day on Tuesday 30th of May.

Everyone will still be expected to pay for their own travel to the festival (including artists, volunteers and organisers).