Dragon Burn Events

Art Collective - an event kicking off art for Dragon Burn 2016
Art Collective – an event kicking off art for Dragon Burn 2016

Dragon Burn runs a lot of events throughout the year to keep the momentum going. We do fundraisers to help pay for materials and infrastructure, educational events to teach people what it means to Burn, and many meetings to help plan every event.

You can keep track of the latest news about Dragon Burn events on our events guide, and you can see what events are coming up using our event calendar.

Run Your Own Events!

It helps to have a nice poster for your event

Whats more, with the rise of theme camps this year and people wanting to fundraise for their personal projects we are here to help! You can now submit your events to the website and we will add it to our official event calendar! There are several different kinds of events we will welcome to our calendar. For example:

  • Fundraisers for art installations going to a Burn
  • Planning meetings for theme camps
  • Burning Man or Dragon Burn themed events
  • Meetups for Burners/potential Burners
  • Anything else the local Burner community might enjoy


You should also check out our image galleries for pictures from previous events. Better yet, if you have pictures of previous events you can contribute them to our site!


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