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Dragon Burn 2014

The pilot event took place in June 2014 on an island at the foot of beautiful mountain. More than 300 participants attended the event.

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Dragonfly Test Build

Before we bring the effigy to a Burn we have to make sure that it works. This is the test build of the Dragonfly, where we identified a few problems and made it easier to build on site.

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Dragon Burn 2015

Our second event took place in the bamboo forests of Anji and was perhaps the most scenic one yet.

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Art Collective

Prior to Dragon Burn in 2016 we kicked off with an Art Collective to try and inspire people to come up with new projects for the Burn!

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Panlong Test Build

Before we bring the effigy to a Burn we have to make sure that it works. This is the test build of the Panlong, the first effigy shaped like a Chinese dragon!

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Dragon Burn 2016

Dragon Burn 2016 was held on an island near the Taihu Lake. This was our first Official Regional Burn and we actually burned a dragon this time!

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Burner Bash

For Halloween in 2016 we ran an amazing fundraiser highlighting the kinds of workshops, costumes and experiences you can have at a real Burn!

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Art Collective 2.0

Our second Art Collective showcasing the art that participants are bringing to Dragon Burn 2017.

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Dragon Burn 2017

The fourth Dragon Burn returned to Anji. Theme camps, a large effigy and the Fire Lotus Temple were among the highlights of this year’s Burn.

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Decompression 2017

Shanghai’s Burning Man and Dragon Burn Decompression brought the spirit of Dragon Burn to the Mansion in Shanghai. 

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