Film Screening at Burning Man

Antonio Gutierrez’s amazing video will be screened at the Everywhere/ARTery in Black Rock City this year. It will be hosted by Dragon Burn event leads, so it’s also a great opportunity to meet Dragon Burners and learn more about the Shanghai Regional Community.

This year Antonio is issuing a challenge to the Burning Man Community:

“Burning man is coming up. I challenge you to make a video of not yourself, but of the community and what’s going on around you. Burning man is not about YOU. Make a different video, make a video with meaning, a purpose. Make something different.”

You can find more of Antonio’s work on Instagram (@AntGutz).

Check out the video on YouTube below:

When: Thursday 31st August, 8PM
Where: Everywhere/ARTery pavilion, 6:15 and Esplenade, Black Rock City

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