Gonkirin Fundraiser

If you are in Hong Kong, or fancy a short trip to Hong Kong, check out the Gonkirin fundraiser to help bring a dragon-themed art car to Black Rock City this year. Read more on their Facebook page(page no longer exists).

Get fundraiser tickets here.

Burners & Future Burners, we are calling for your support to bring Gon Kirin back to Black Rock Desert! Hong Kong artist, Teddy Lo is trying to bring his fantastic art car back to grace this magnificent annual festival in Nevada. This event is intended to introduce Gon Kirin and raise awareness of the Burning Man festival in Hong Kong.

Join us for a night of wonder and fantasy in the heart of Central-Lan Kwai Fong!



Important: We will be giving away two single BRC tickets at the end of the event through lucky draw, get more entries by buying higher tier of ticket. 

What is Gon Kirin?

Gon Kirin (GKR) is a mobile art sculpture on a wheel originally conceived by Teddy Lo, a light artist from Hong Kong and Detroit artist Ryan Doyle for the playa in 2010. He collaborated with Doyle in design and constructed the electrical, mechanical and industrial details in the Bay Area in 2010. After much upgrades and evolutions, it is now a 60 feet long, 11.5 feet wide and 22.5 feet tall artistic sculpture set on top of a 87’ Chevy Silverado chassis with full digital pyro-system and interactive lighting control on 2,460 feet of linear RGBW LED and LED wall-washer units. In addition, the dragon also equipped with interactive lighting and flame effects.

**Since its launch, GKR has graced various events in the US and has received 16 blue ribbons at Maker Faire. 

As there are many wear and tear from the years of exhibition, now I am collaborating with artist Henry Chang at the Mirage Garage in Las Vegas for GKR 2.0. We continue to improve the dragon in order to create a robust and safe environment for all dragon tamers! 

What We Need & What We Gift

The GKR crew wants to rock this one of a kind-art car again in the Burn 2017 and we need extra support to make this happen. Until this time, support for GKR has come from private funding sources, to whom we remain eternally grateful. However, we don’t have enough official sponsorship for the burn this year, so we are turning to you, our friends, to help us with the following expenditures on this trip:

Manpower // $5,000 USD

Technical supports and fuel // $20,000 USD 

Insurance, installation and transportation// $15,000 USD

Note: We are also launching a Kickstarter campaign later this month. We appreciate all level of support from you as the GonKirin contributor, please check out the rewards selection in this campaign and let us all rock on Black Rock Desert! 

Much love and see you at Mazu & on the playa!!!


Recent tour of Gon Kirin in US:

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