Fire Lotus Temple Needs You!

This year Dragon Burn will have its first ever temple: the Fire Lotus. Designed by Lacey Ann Oleson, it is the most ambitious project ever contributed to Dragon Burn. It is set to be the highlight of this year’s Burn, but it still needs your help!


Scan to Donate
Scan to Donate

While great progress is being made, the temple is still short of funds needed to finish. If you have any money to spare you can donate via WeChat by scanning the QR Code. Anyone who donates more than 200 RMB will also get a custom made Dragon Burn shirt, jacket or shorts!

Your contribution will go towards the material costs of the temple. All manual labour is contributed by our Temple Teamster volunteers.


If you can’t donate your money, donate your time! This weekend we will be setting up the final components of the temple. If you want to become a part of Dragon Burn’s first temple then add ‘LaceyAnne‘ on WeChat to become a Temple Teamster.

We need people to help screwing the major parts of the temple together and to paint the interior of the Fire Lotus.


It started from a 3D Model before becoming a small paper model. The Temple Teamsters have been working hard over the last month to get all the pieces put together and it’s really coming along:

Learn more about the Fire Lotus Temple!

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