The FUNdraising

Dragon Burn 2016 is burning along!

The organizing teams are working hard around the clock to bring you the best regional event on this side of the planet! We really need to kick up our fundraising for our interactive art!

Our MOST important art piece is the effigy! This year, our benevolent architect has come up with the BEST EFFIGY in Dragon Burn History- a DRAGON! Saturday night we will be setting it on fire lake side. The team needs 8000 RMB.

Our roller disco team has secured 60 pairs of skates and a sound system. But we still need to raise money for the plywood skating surface! The team needs 4000 RMB.

The Christmas Bar is coming back – if you have any left over bottles/beers/ mixers please let us know. We would be happy to come collect and set up DRAGON BURN’S free bar! (don’t forget your cup).

We have 10 other artists that are requiring donations for their materials- paints, wood, costumes, paper, rafts, mannequins! And of course we have to pay the trucks to haul all of THIS AWESOME art to and fro!

Artist survey’s are open until April 15.

Click here to do the survey!

So, what are we getting at? We need your help! We lowered the ticket price this year so that YOU could donate to the art YOU want to see! You can donate for awesome perks!

Click here to donate!

We have T-shirts, shots, stickers, prints, and much more to give away. We’re looking to raise about $3500 USD total to fund all the artist.


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