Art Collective @ Cambio Coffee

Last Thursday we hosted a call for artists and mini-fundraiser. More than 50 of us brought our ideas and helped make this event a huge success!

Examples were given of installations from last year’s event and talked about how to go about creating and bring an installation this year’s Burn. Everyone finished the night by splitting into smaller groups and talking about ideas for installations this year.

Pizza and soup was provided in return for generous donations to our art fund. All proceeds go straight to art grants helping people bring amazing installations to this year’s festival.

If you have an idea for an installation, performance or just want to get involved there’s still time to apply – just follow the link and fill out the art survey before this Friday!

Click here to fill out the Art Survey!

Did you miss out? Not to worry! Come join us this Friday at a Lacime for a movie/social night where presentations will be given on how to get involved with Dragon Burn!

And if you can’t make that then look out for our other events in the future, including a Roller Disco @ Yuncai Café on April 23rd, Burner Monologues @ Daliah (with Girls Gone International) on April 28th, and the Mansion Disco Party on May 14th.

Also look out for Beyond the Bund on Saturday 23rd where Deanna and Sven will be giving a presentation on this year’s Dragon Burn and hold a Q&A session for people interested in knowing more. They will also be demonstrating one of Burning Man’s 10 principles with the give-a-gift, get-a-gift box, so remember to bring something to give!

Tickets are still on sale and they are selling fast so get yours now and get involved!

Click here to buy tickets for Dragon Burn!

Lots of Love

The Dragon Burn Ministry of Propaganda

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