Theme Camp Spotlight: Hammockville

Come hang with Hammockville
Come hang with Hammockville

Hammockville is the coziest spot at Dragon Burn, for it offers everything comfort, cuddly, and cushy. Walking around town, we welcome you to visit our different boroughs of relaxation, sensory stimulation, and creativity. Our little town features a number of small neighborhoods that provide something for everyone – you may sway the day away in a 10-person hammock, or find yourself relaxing in The Comfortress (communal fort area for hosting DJ sets & workshops & more), or maybe you’ll end up in Slack City or Boxton.

Hammockville is a community that welcomes everyone. We will have communal meals twice a day and take turns preparing for events and workshops. By day, Hammockville is a dream garden with never ending chill spots, hidden caches of hammocks and good vibes while at night it becomes a glowing LED playground. With an extensive network of LED cables connecting all corners of the camp, we ensure that we will be glowing all night long. This year, Hammockville will feature The Electric Menagerie as a psychedelic sculpture installation for late night chill outs as well as a compliment/roast chair, 3D printed chaos, Wook’s LED masterpiece “Illumination Type One” and many more surprises!

Hammockville needs your help!

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