Meeting Minutes – 8th March 2018

Here are the meeting minutes for the 8th March held at the Naked hub on Fuxing Lu.


Productive discussion
Productive discussion
  1. Yummy
  2. Mike
  3. Bok
  4. Chandler (Flying Baozi)
  5. Pauan (Cucumburners)
  6. Chandra (Adrenaland)
  7. Stack
  8. Francesca (Shalanaya)
  9. Davide (Deeper Joy)
  10. Elaine (Regional Contact)
  11. Suskita (Light Dream)


  • Missed camps: JB&TOB, Hammockville, Camp Jamboree
  • Introduction of new camps and new beautiful faces. Yay!
  • Yummy: Would be good to have MiniCamps have camp layouts (structures, tents, etc) – needed for placement and final infrastructure set-up
  • will handle spice’n’vice camp guide

Contract, Electricity

  • Tim’s electricity distributor request has been denied by site due to expense.
  • Conversation about distributor/generator/power requirements
  • Landlord is going to set up wires, cables enough to provide a center stage. Most of the power will be at center stage. Other (low) power will go to 5 areas. 
  • Elaine will ask Tim what his tech requirements are, and what power will be available from that low power.
  • Long story short: Need requirements by end of tomorrow (March 9)
  • there is viable option to suggest people / checking other regional experience on solar power supply to camps/activities
  • Contract talk closed


  • have sold 126 at last check before meeting.
  • Soft limit of 600 tix
  • Chandler—can easily get 1,000 ppl, just depends on which 1,000 attendees do you want.
  • Bok—we’ve gotten some emails, and people have gotten in touch with him about tickets.  NEEDS HELPS WITH TRANSLATIONS!
  • Tickets closed

Spring Kick Off  at Uncaffe

  • 5/6 groups selling at Uncaffe, DB pays cost of booth (200/booth)
    • No outside food or drinks allowed. Themecamps to sell for fundraisers
    • Program with workshops?  Needs to be submitted by mid-next week.
    • Let’s have some art project promotion, Artists can shout out their projects
    • Kickoff—12pm until 7
    • Need a stage manager for the event—art pitch, theme camp intros, workshops, decoration
  • suggest we record theme camps and arts presentation at kick off for simple promo and mix-match usage.
  • Kickoff closed

Ministry Reports

  • Website
    • Bok-working hard to get translated website looking good.
    • DEFINITELY needs help with translation. 
    • E-mails aren’t being opened that often. 
    • Only 4-8% open rate.  Lower than usual 15%.
  • WeChat channel is doing well
  • MiniVol
    • had a meeting yesterday, Minivollers are Amira, Aaron, Biboux, Zach in spirit at the moment. 
    • Fran feel a lead is still missing.  Volunteer team overall could be stronger. Nominating Chandler for volunteer main helper.
    • Doing booths, have plans for Ladyfest and Kickoff to help with recruitment.  Have 15ish people confirmed.  Have list from last year as well but low response. Will start matching up names. 15ish feels like understaffed.
    • Volunteer party? Food and drink available at burn?— we will do a social gathering soon
  • Mini Art
    • Art deadline application will close on the 18th, Still have 7k RMB in grant money available
  • MiniProp
    • WE NEED HELP. 
    • Have fairly good systems, basic level. 
    • Need internal prop to existing members re: education, new community members. 
    • Need graphic designers, content managers.
    • We need doers.
    • Could do a wanted section on emails, website.
    • Need people willing to get involved
    • Need a DB production kit for Barcamp, Recharge, and similar events
    • Functional event proposed: Wine and Sign—signcrafting event–Let’s make this next event. March 31st? General evening of crafting, signmaking,   (April 14th and 21st are build days)  DATE TBA
  • Ministry of a parenthesis of the meeting
    • Have container on site to use for storage
    • Portapotties can be separated 5×5.  Price for 15 toilets will be 18k. Negotiate and get 21 toilets for 20k
    • Lots of pottytalk.  Filthy….oh yeah, DB is happening right near to a full moon.
  • MiniEd
    • needs drastic infusion of activation!
  • Effigy
    • Has delays with material supply—waiting for a few replies from sources
    • Magic Ma is working on branches and bamboos
    • Test build is TBC March 28—Can be done with 2nd sitecheck? Purpose of check is power
  • Sitecheck
    • needed for clear placement.   MARCH 25 plan A for sitecheck.  
    • Need to get their asses in gear to get electricity going. 
    • 53 days to go.   6 weekends left (1 weekend each for Spring Kickoff, Spirit Tribe, Ladyfest)
    • Need to build event timeline now to May 1st. Start from last year
    • Discussion about water, and LNT plans, bio-soap.. need to enforce LNT strategies for avoiding grey water dumping, etc
  • Temple report
    • no real update, there is an idea of a simple structure as a “collective temple” maybe “the temple of communities” – but more details may come (positive or negative) after the weekend.
  • Ministry report closed

Event Timeline

  • April is for Event management and execution.
  • Need to produce clear production timeline. Starting from last year Lum’s file – fran can start this off

Survival Guide

  • Not up to date.  MUCH MORE content to add due to primitive nature of this site.


  • No open fires allowed.  Possibility of fire pit?
  • let’s build a barrel, at center camp and/or esplanade, one or two points of 24/7 fire for/from the community

Human Resources

  • Have more planners than ever, organized theme camps, yet many Minis are underpowered. Need loads of help. 
  • Lots of talk about collaborative live updating document system
  • Eliminating network of nonsense.  Need to use ministry system better to get action
  • Suskita demonstrating her task organization system. Lots of wide open eyes and nods and smiles.  Let’s check it.  She has invites.  It’s called Monday.
  • “task list” how have people helping out
  • Recurrent the idea of having a page on the website with “actions” like a list of stuff we should/would do but we can’t. So people can pick up and offer all year around help.
till soon bitches!
till soon bitches!

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