Meeting Minutes – 25th January 2018

Here are the meeting minutes for the Dragon Burn Planning meeting on the 25th January.


  1. Fran
  2. Pierre
  3. Tucker
  4. Kelly
  5. Alice
  6. Tim
  7. Richie
  8. Yummy
  9. Mike
  10. Magic Ma
  11. Elaine
  12. Mandy
  13. Alana
  14. Bok
  15. Davide

Ticketing / Infrastructure

  • Tickets
    • Have 60k from last year which can pay rent and art truck, plus 20k Art Grants
    • If 300 participants at 300 per ticket we make ~90k
    • If 500 participants at same price we make ~150k
    • Need to figure out potential costs of power and portable toilets before we can set the price.
    • Increase population to 500 will allow us to do lower ticket price.
    • Anticipatefuture costs of growth (more infrastructure, cost for organization/company bureaucracy, etc.).
    • Aim to have tickets on sale by end of February
  • Power
    • Still need to check with Landlord about power situation (negotiate about installing more power/check what power supply is available).
    • Tim suggests hiring instead of buying – pain free setup and safety but need to understand what we need
    • We aim to bring electricity to sound systems (Adrenaland, Temple of Boom, Kitchen, Center Camp)
    • Get theme camps to supply power needs and encourage people to bring their own batteries or explore (e.g.) solar power.
    • Can rent generators by the hour.
    • Can cost up to 80k a day.
    • Look into sourcing locally to the site – will be cheaper simply because we won’t need to move them as far.
  • Toilets
    • Could cost up to 60k.
    • Need more detailed information.

Art Updates

  • Event on the 30th January
  • Everything is nice and clearly set
  • Daliah is very supportive and nice offering a great deals
  • Timeline and schedule all set
  • Pierre will bring pictures exhibition
    • Elaine will get from storage
  • Event needs greeters (Fran?, Elaine?, Yummy?)
  • 7-8 PM Chill and chat, plus videos and Tucker DJing
  • 8 onwards info-meeting (art info, past year’s art, presentation of this year’s art per-submitted + open mic on ideas + some games)
  • Add a paper board for brainstorming on site
    • Alana to bring
  • Present also flyers/QR codes for theme camps
  • Yummy to help make event bilingual
  • Grant application deadline will be March 11th
    • Application form editing almost done
    • Using Question Pro for art applications
    • Application will separate art, theme camps and workshops
      • Who is doing it?
  • Everyone to reach out and spread the call, especially with Chinese network.


  • Get info from last years tickets about population attendance
  • Elaborate on the idea of a Census
  • Contact Chris and Travis

Site Visit Anji #2

  • Two main tasks
    • Evaluate feasability
    • Push landlord to take a position sooner and clarify contract details
  • Second site check on Feb 4th (to be confirmed)
    • Tim, Davide, Fran, Elaine, Bok
    • There is a WeChat group for this

Effigy Update

  • Magic Ma presents the funking amazing spiral of flames that will be a dragon made of tree branches sourced in Shanghai with a bamboo frame
  • 9m long, 5m tall, each section 1m long, 36 sections. Tied together with rope.
    • Magic Ma to provide material quantities and predicted costs
  • Can test build in Dianshan Lake in April then transport to site from there
  • May need kindling to burn it
    • Fran to verify burnability and fire flow on spirals with HQ team
  • Fundraiser already set up and will start very soon
  • Need 10 people over 4 days to build (ask last year’s team?)
  • Build on-site? Worried about unpredictable weather
  • Source bamboo from Anji locals?

Spring Kickoff

  • Confused discussion about locations
  • Need to define event: Fundraiser or Precompression?
  • Best idea: indoor picnic
  • Theater from past years is a potential location (Elaine knows it)
  • Tentative dates?
  • Yummy pushing for this to be the best event of the year

New Theme Camp

  • Shall we have a call out for new theme camps or a suggestion board?
  • Like the “family theme camp” could be pushed to the community.
  • Diko suggested pushing more on the environmental aspects and opportunities to do it the Burner way
    • Add her to Ministry of Education
  • Discussed possibility of bio-toilets – perhaps a long term project if the site lasts

We are all scattered around as stars in a cloudy sky. next table they are holding a networking events with open bar. Ciao ciao!

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