Bus Ticket Reminder

Nearly 75% of tickets for Dragon Burn have sold already and although we have enough buses to get everyone to the site there are a limited number of seats available each day. So we advise you to also purchase your bus ticket early to make sure you can arrive when you want to.

We have also noticed that a few people where planning on making their own way in but wanting to get a bus back (perhaps coming in early to help set up, or coming in late because they can’t make the Saturday bus). Up to now we were saying you still have to buy a full bus ticket or make your own way back but we have realised that this is unfair and will take seats away from people who need a seat on the bus to the Burn. So we have added another ticket for the return bus only at 75 RMB. This way you can still get a bus back to Shanghai on the last day without paying for a seat you won’t use.

Finally just a quick reminder that we will be ending the sale on the 14th May assuming that we don’t sell out before then.

Buy Dragon Burn tickets.

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