Meeting Minutes – 6th February 2018

Here are the meeting minutes for a brief post-site visit meeting we held on the 6th February. Attendance was low as we were in the run up to Chinese New Year.


  1. Yummy
  2. Elaine
  3. Bok
  4. Suci
  5. Fran
  6. Biboux


  • Have a preview for the ticket sales – will fine tune details before release
  • Ticket price could reasonably be set to around 350 for entry plus 150 for bus


  • New departure location will be Shanghai Mart (Hongqiao area, Gubei metro station)
  • Tentative departure timetable
    • 28th April 10AM
    • 29th April AM
    • 29th April LATE
    • 30th April AM


  • General placement
    • Going for Esplanade-type setup
    • Main attraction on road
    • Camps and chills and treats in the forest
  • Center Camp
    • Where to place it? In between forest and dock?
    • Who is taking care of it?

Spring Kick Off 

  • Aim for March 10th
  • Daytime event followed by fundraiser for Temple of Boom and Rolla 2 late
  • Venues: possibly Specters/Cages

Ministry Updates

  • Effigy
    • Working on wood burning test
  • Volunteers
    • Waiting on Amira coming back
    • Clear list of actions to be completed
  • Education
    • Needs to be pushed
    • Imagine workshop at the Burn
    • Imagine LNT explanation for Kick-Off event (Yummy and Fran)
  • Propaganda
    • Needs more hands

till soon bitches!

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