Dragon Burn and other Burning Man associated events have one thing in common: they are all about interaction, participation, self reliance and you! At most festivals, you pay money to be the consumer of centrally organized and mandated entertainment. Dragon Burn (and Burning Man) is the un-festival. YOU are the organizers, YOU are the artists, and all the YOUS out there make this event possible.

What does this mean? There are no spectators; a burn is about PARTICIPATION and INTERACTION. The entire event is organized by volunteers: from art installations, DJs, musicians, fire performers and workshop teachers down to the logistics team. The beauty of this event is that is made possible by the passion of individual ‘yous’ coming together for a weekend of ‘we’.

This event is totally non-profit. Organizers of the event purchase their ticket like everyone else and for all the hours spent in preparation, they are paid in memories and experiences to take away. We leave Dragon Burn richer in an intangible way, knowing the beauty we created and the moments we gained. The same goes for every prospective artist or contributor that is reading this.

The first step to joining the team? Buy a ticket and understand the 10 Principles of Burning Man! Burn events are all about self reliance — all participants must house themselves (bring a tent), feed themselves (there are no vendors — no money at the Burn at all — bring enough food and water for yourself for the weekend… or even better: enough to share!), and pack all their rubbish (we are a leave no trace event). Just like everyone else, all artists must abide by these standards of self-reliance.

Art Grants

Dragon Burn runs a system of art grants, whereby some of your expenses incurred in the making of your art can be reimbursed. In the past we have been very successful at reimbursing our artists. However, assume nothing. The best way to make an installation? In the Burner spirit, rope in a bunch of friends; beg, borrow, steal; hustle and deal; Find a way to make things happen through tenacity and hard work. Dream it, manifest it, and trust us, you’ll have an awesome time doing it. Know that whatever return you get for contributing art to Dragon Burn is purely for the joy of giving something hard-worked-on to other people who can enjoy it and being part of a global movement of inspired individuals!

“Welcome home!”… we are excited to hear about your ideas and see what your imagination can create. Please follow the application as soon as you can so we can plan for a great Burn!