Dragon Burn will return!

Dragon Burn will return, hopefully in the New Year 2024. But we are going to need your help, yes You!

Here’s the situation:

  • Our last full Dragon Burn was in 2019. COVID caught nearly a third of our core volunteer managers, artists, and theme camp honchos out of China and many would never return. We need to find replacements with skills or Burn experience.
  • No experience? No problem! We need your energy, passion, smiles and helping hands.
  • We have a site, our old one, it’s available. The Forest awaits!
  • We face costs for art grants, and equipment rentals.

So sign up and let us know where you are in Shanghai or in China. We will sponsor a public event or social where you can learn of our progress for the next Dragon Burn, meet us in person, and fully participate.

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