Dragon Burn Effigy 2019

Last year we had a dragon. This year we will have a phoenix.

The phoenix, also known as the “Phoenix Emperor”, is the King of Birds in ancient legend. Often used to symbolize prosperity and fortune in Chinese culture, phoenixes flying together serve as a symbol of auspicious harmony. It has been an important element of Chinese culture since ancient times.

The Phoenix will be 8 meters tall in a position ready to fly into the sky where she will wait for the flames on the last night of the Burn! We will need bamboo to build the infrastructure, reeds to be used as feathers, and a large number of reeds four or five meters high. Many reeds can be gathered at the lake.

Prosperity will be brought by the dragon and the phoenix!

The money you donate will be used for the following:

  • Canary date leaves, palm leaves, palm bark and reed will be repurchased from the local community
  • Bamboo sticks purchased from local
  • Ropes for binding the Phoenix body
  • Nails, iron wire, fuel and other tools
  • Transportation for moving the Phoenix
  • Other miscellaneous expenses

Check out the fundraiser and its rewards on IndieGogo

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