Center Camp Needs You!

Center Camp Needs You!
Center Camp Needs You!

Center Camp is looking for volunteers for this year’s Burn! Center Camp will not only be the central point of information and education for all participants, but will also be running film screenings, workshops and more!

If you’re interested in helping out with this years Center Camp, scan the QR code in the poster to the right, or send an email to our Volunteers Team.

One thought on “Center Camp Needs You!”

  1. Hello! My name is Bless Karl and my bf s name is Steve Snyder. We are third year fellow burners and would love to volunteer for Center Camp as last year it was our favorite camp that helped us so much with information and advice guiding us through the dust. I dj and died at burning Man at Kazbuh, Charlies Unicorn, London Bridge vamps and art cars and Steve is movie producer and he is on set right now shooting his movie for Netflix. He has professional drones and I have all the required dj equipment, also speak 3 languages if that’s helpful. Please let me know if we can help coz we will be more than happy!
    We know Rabbit, he is our friend from center Cafe 😉

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