How To Get Involved With Your Art Project

  1. Buy a ticket!
    • Ticket sales should open next week – be ready!
  2. Submit an application!
  3. Form a team! Don’t work alone.
    • Callout with your friends, the Dragon Burn artist chat, the official Dragon Burn WeChat group, or any other channels you may have.
  4. Get creative – brainstorm, make a plan and a budget.
    • Map out:
      • Shopping list – where can you get these materials? Cost efficiency?
      • Think – how much truck space and manpower is needed?
      • Actions checklist: assign roles and responsibilities
      • Form a WeChat group with regular meetings
      • Fundraise yourselves!
  5. Build Build Build!
  6. Test build 2 weeks before the Burn.
    • Use the rest of the time to trouble shoot!
  7. Pack it on the art truck the week before the Burn.
  8. Assemble it at the Burn and let the community enjoy!
  9. Burn it or pack it out? Don’t forget LNT.


What are art grants? 

Art grants are funding granted to artists to cover their raw material cost. It does not include labor or transportation fees. This year, we have a budget of 20,000RMB and are hoping for roughly 20 projects. The allocation of this budget is based on these thoughts:

  • Do we like it
  • Accessibility
  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Leave no trace
  • Delivery

A good project:

  • fits the principles and Burn ethic
  • is ambitious but realistic
  • is cheap!
  • Practical – people, weather, truck
  • has good ‘buildiness’
  • is interactive

APPLY NOW! Deadline March 4th 

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