Roller Disco and More!

Well last week was an extraordinarily busy week for the Dragon Burn team! So many events and we still have more coming!


This weekend we joined Shanghai’s roller derby team for the joint Roller Disco Fundraiser! The DJs were dropping amazing 80s tunes setting the mood for an awesome night. We spent the night rolling and dancing around the small Yuncai Café in the corner of Changshou Park.


People came crazy costumes keeping in theme with the night. Later the hoops were broken out giving a taste of the kind of things you will see in Dragon Burn. The Macaroons and Jello Shots sold to help out the art fund proved extremely popular with the crowd!

SmartShanghai posted even more amazing pictures of this event which you can find here.


If you missed out on this party, then keep an eye on the space for our Mansion fundraiser next month which will definitely have a similar vibe to it! Alternatively come to Dragon Burn because we are actually going to have a roller disco on site this year!


Thursday we had our second art collective meetup. People came to talk about the various projects they want to bring to Dragon Burn and there were many awesome ideas, including a circus camp, slip-and-slide, a hip hop workshop and a costume corner. Watch this space because we will be talking about these projects soon and letting you know how you can get involved in making them happen!


Finally, a short mention that we had our penultimate planning meeting. We’re really confident about our momentum this year and all the cogs are turning exactly how they need to be! We spent the night coordinating the last few details and using cigarettes to work out how a specific installation will be put together.


This week we will have our Burner Monologues. This is a joint event with Girl Gone International where we will be sharing your stories about Burning Man and other regional burns. Join us to learn more about Burning Man and your local Dragon Burn.

About Girl Gone International:

Girl Gone International is and online magazine and website dedicated to the new digital generation of women expats. Currently GGI has active communities in 100+ cities. Each city has a community manager that organises monthly or weekly events.

Each city has multiple events that range from book clubs, dinner gatherings or fitness events. The goal is to create a global community of women. If a woman travels or moves from one city to the next, they will immediately have a network or community of women to connect with.


We’re working really hard on running our fundraising events to enable artists to bring their installations, but we realise that people can’t always make it to them. So if you want to help but can’t come to our fundraisers you can still go to our IndieGogo fundraiser and donate there. All our fund go directly into the art. This means all installations, so that means that among other things we can build effigies, run a roller disco and have a whole host of interesting workshops!


And if you want to help but don’t have any cash to spare then you can always spare your time. Just email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you OR open up WeChat and scan the QR code and you’ll automagically be added to our volunteer group!

We need people to help build installations, greet people as they arrive, help clean up afterwards so we leave no trace among other things. Remember that even the organisers, DJs, musicians and artists at Dragon Burn are volunteers so any and all help is appreciated, no matter how small!


Tickets are still selling fast – get yours before they run out. Bring your friends and take advantage of our group discounts. More information on our ticket page.

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