Audio contribution for “tree of consciousness” art project

The Tree of Consciousness is a place for memory, integration, reconciliation, self-help, enlightment, care 。。。

We are collecting oral stories induced by process of integration, inner work, cosmic connection, ecstatic experiences, and anything that represents for you a work with consciousness. These stories are meant to share life experiences, happy or sad, funny or traumatic, terrific or terrible.

The tree will give voice to the stories as a window into someone else’s consciousness and a trigger to think about our own.

Please upload the voice recording about your story here.
We really encourage you to use your voice, which will be anyway anonymized.
But should you have any issue with it, you’re welcome to share link to
suggested online stories, or to past your story in the text form. In these cases we will read it for you.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload here your recorded story format allowed: .wav, .mp3, .mp4, .ogg max size: 64M
If you have a link to stories from others but that you consider valuable to share, please add the address here
If you don't feel/can share an audio, you can add your story here and we will read it for you. You're also welcome to submit the transcript of your audio: this will save us a task!

We would love to receive your contribution by April 10th so we still have some time for editing, voice masking and set-up.
We are grateful for your contribution and your help to create a community of care <3

if you need help, please contact us through the form we will reply soooon.