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Art Collective 2.0

The Market 280 Aomen Lu, near Changhua Lu, Shanghi, China

Hello everyone! Dragon Burn Art Collective 2.0 is here. Curious what happens at an Art Collective?


影之光第一期 • A Movie Light

Secret Location Shanghai, China

当你听到极限运动的时候,你的脑子里是否全然是让人血脉喷张的画面?汗水和肾上腺素飙升,速度与激情齐飞。不了解极限运动的人,可能会觉得这些人怕不是吃饱了没事干,甚至觉得他们装逼或者作死。而真正了解并热爱极限运动的人会告诉你,事实并非如此。 When you hear extreme sport, you might think of images of people doing things that raise your heartbeats. There would be passion and adrenaline, of course it also comes with sweat and speed. For people who don't understand, they might assume that those people who dig for extreme sport have no better things to … Continue reading "影之光第一期 • A Movie Light"


Dragon Burn Artist Collective 2

Tribe 291 Fumin Road 富民路291号, Shanghao

Hey you, yeah YOU! Remember that awesome night we had at Daliah (RIP) before CNY with over 100 creative souls showing up? Well, we’re back for the second artist collective meeting and the roles are reversed! Last time, it was all about Dragon Burn’s Ministry of Art telling you everything you needed to know to … Continue reading "Dragon Burn Artist Collective 2"

深山激素营公开会议 – Adrenaland Open Meeting

My Place Ruin Bar Xinzha Lu, near Jiaozhou Lu, Shanghai, China

过去近3年的时间,深山激素营(以下简称AL)组织很多会议和活动。此次更是有大动作,我们要召开第一届公开会议! Finally after almost 3 years with many meetings and much sweat, we're ready to organize our very first Adrenaland Open Meeting! 为了让大家更好地为龙焰做好准备,也更全面地了解关于AL,会议将会分享以下内容: We wish to share all the information you’ll need to know about our camp in order to get ready for the coming Dragon Burn. * 火人节/ 龙焰 / AL的简介和回顾 * 有关AL的所有组织信息变动,如何做好充分准备 * … Continue reading "深山激素营公开会议 – Adrenaland Open Meeting"