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Theme Camps Intro

Theme Camps are an integral part of the DragonBurn experience bringing tons of content and memories to our community. We arenow getting ready for Dragon Burn 2024 and we can’t wait to see old and new Theme Camps thrive in our Anji home.



Registering your Theme Camp has many advantages (including mindful placement considering your needs, logistic advice from our community, and support from other Theme Camps for fundraising).

When to apply?

The application process to register Theme Camps is now open and will close on Tuesday April 2nd, 11:59pm.

How to apply?

  • What are the requirements for theme camps?

The only requirement is to submit your theme camp “brief”: a description of your camp, including required space, power requirements, details of sound setup if you’re a sound stage, LNT plan and details of at least one activity (workshop, performance, food sharing or other) per day that your theme camp will provide to the community.


Get in touch with us, to register your own Theme Camp, and for any Theme Camp related ideas.

Theme Camp – Quick Start Guide

1 –Are you interested in starting a Theme Camp this year at Dragon Burn?

  • Do you have ideas on how you want your Theme Camp to look and feel like and what kinds of wonderful services (art, music, performances, workshops, etc.) you are going to provide to your camp participants and playa at Dragon Burn?
  • Any thoughts on how your Theme Camp will promote interaction with the Burn beyond just gifting and entertainment?
  • How are you going to raise funds and/or are you going to have camp fees? (Remember there are no direct grants for Theme Camps and no money exchanged at the event.)

2 – Some advice for getting started

  • Gather a core group of people that you can rely on to give up any sort of normal life for a week or so either side of the Burn. Look for dedicated people with a passion for what you are trying to do, there are always more initial volunteers than actual helpers once the party is in full swing. Be realistic about assigning duties and try and avoid doing it all yourself. Dragon Burn is a community event, never shy away from asking for help outside of your theme camp.
  • Start planning as soon as possible. Prioritize the needs of your camp bearing in mind what the core vision and goals are. Sure, you are going to have some amazing ideas and concepts at your Theme Camp planning meetings but how many of these will you have the time, energy and financial resources to manifest?
  • Build your teams and camp membership now (or as soon as possible). Currently our biggest Theme Camps have over 40 people. Remember that in normal circumstances that active actual helpers will decrease over the time period of your planning. Especially if you are a virgin Theme Camp, please do take your time to really think what is workable for you and your team. Use Dragon Burn events, mail-outs and group chats to appeal for team members, camp helpers and resources. Chances are if you need something or someone the community will provide these solutions, Burners by definition are a very helpful bunch people.

3 – Logistics and Builds

If you are building structures, there are several things you need to take into consideration:

  • How are you going to transport it?
  • If you don’t burn it at the event, do you have a space to store it when you return from the Burn? LEAVE NO TRACE. Remember this is a leave no trace event, you will have to pack everything out that you brought to site so make sure you have the personnel, tools and energy to do so.

4 – Theme Camp teams

Creating a solid structure of a group of Essential Members is required for any successful Theme Camp.

  • Theme Camp leader(s)
  • Loading / Build team
  • Kitchen Team & Management of Grey Water
  • Pack Down and Exodus team
  • LNT team (final swoop of MOOP)

Meanwhile, get inspired by some of the previous years Theme Camps in our community !

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