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Burning Man is now a network of regional communities spanning the globe and Dragon Burn is the official one in China. While there are some things about a Burn that may not be clear to you now, there is one special thing to know: you are the Burn.

Dragon Burn is 5 days of camping held on beautiful, secluded land in Anji, Zhejiang – an adventure of art, music, interaction, participation and fire.

At a festival you are the consumer of centrally organised entertainment for the exchange of money and at the expense of trash. But Dragon Burn is not a festival. It’s the unfestival. All arts installations, music, entertainment,workshops and performances are brought by other participants and on-site, money is banned. The event is organised, built and dismantled by participants. There’re no vendors, no sponsors, no profit.

Since nothing can be bought or sold, all participants must bring their own shelter, food and drink for the duration and embrace the culture of ‘gifting’. You may be surprised to be given without reason anything from a free dinner to a free massage lesson and once accustomed to this abundance, you may also feel the will to give without reciprocation.

For many, Dragon Burn is a container for personal growth and new experiences, so check out a workshop, installation or a panel discussion. Set an intention beyond just fun and use your Burn as an opportunity to learn about others, the world and yourself. It may be eye-opening or even life-changing.

Scan below QR code to find out more about Dragon Burn (including how to contribute)


This year we will provide DB Sticker to the Moon instead of ticket.

Once you have the Sticker to the Moon in hand, this will give you the access to the next step: go to the venue and pay for your camping fee at the camp site (¥50-80/person/night).

If you do not have DB Sticker to the Moon when you arrive at the site, you will not be able to pay the camping fees to the venue and you will not be allowed entry.

No Stickers to the Moon are sold at the gate !

Sticker to the Moon is non-refundable after purchase so please make sure you really want to go before you buy. The Sticker to the Moon is available on sale till April 25th and if you have last minute change, you can choose to contact 247 to transfer or gift your sticker to others but deadline is April 28th..

Everyone joining the camping event will need to purchase a Sticker to the Moon and to pay the landlord for the camping fees, including including artists, volunteers and planners.

Buy Dragon Burn 2024 Sticker to the Moon NOW!

Extract the 247 QR code below.

Dragon Burn sells out EVERY YEAR.

Don’t wait till the last minute.

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