Dragon Burn News 龙焰信息更新

ehy dragons. we bring unexpected, unpleasant and unbelievable news: Dragon Burn 2024 is canceled.


Stickers to the Moon will be refunded through 247 platform in the next couple of days. Don’t ask unnecessary questions. Rather spend your energy to embrace your burner spirit more strongly and brightly every day. The world needs it. 


Radical Inclusion 彻底的包容性🔥  

Gifting 馈赠🔥 

Decommodification 去商品化🔥  

Radical Self Reliance 彻底的自力更生🔥  

Radical Self Expression彻底的自我表达🔥  

Communal Effort 共同努力🔥  

Civic Responsibility 公民责任🔥 

Leave No Trace 不留痕迹🔥  

Participation 参与性🔥  


Stay in touch through the website and official WeChat account. The flames keep going. There is a lot that you haven’t expressed yet, and all of you are part of it and welcomed to the challenge.


(image: 2014 effigy burn shot by Jami)

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