DragonBurn2024 • ART apply now till April 2!

Hey you…yeah YOU! WE WANT YOU! …

We want you to share your imagination!

Want to create an art installation or get involved with someone else’s? Read on for details on how to do so!

It’s the year of the Dragon, the perfect time for the long-awaited return of Dragon Burn!Dragon Burn will be happening May Holiday in our home of Anji, Zhejiang. This year, the burn will be an experiment in principles of immediacy and communal effort! In case you weren’t following, Dragon Burn just had our open planning meeting for the 2024 and the theme is… Spontaneity!

What is Dragon Burn?

Dragon Burn is a China-based community of Burners focusing on both educating foreigners/locals about Burning Man culture as well as organizing the annual regional Chinese Burn (endorsed by and following the core principles of Burning Man).

Participants of the event bring art to see, interact with, performances, fire dancers, outstanding costumes, peer-to-peer workshops and more! Most importantly, Dragon Burn is created and fabricated by YOU!

What are art grants?

Art grants are funding granted to artists to cover their raw material cost. We will organize and pay separately for an art truck to transport projects from Shanghai to the site in Anji.The grant does not pay for labor or transportation fees to the meeting location for the art truck in Shanghai. This year, we have a budget of 10,000RMB to split between all projects. The allocation of this budget is based on these thoughts:

  • Interactivity – how can people interact with it ?
  • Do we like it ?
  • Accessibility
  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Leave no trace
  • Delivery

One popular question we get: “I have a project already made, I don’t need an art grant but I would like placement on the map so Dragon Burners can find my art and or space in the art truck. Is that okay? “

  • Our answer: Yes, we would love to help you get placement and transport your item! Fill out the art grant application and let us know at the end of the application when we ask about costs.
A good project

  • fits the principles and Burn ethic
  • is ambitious but realistic
  • is cheap!

How can you be sustainable and turn trash to treasure? How can you make something out of what you already have?

  • Practical and durable

Make sure it can survive people using/interacting with it, weather, and the truck.

  • has good ‘buildiness’

It should be taken apart to transport, the truck has limited space and be easily put back together on site.

  • is interactive

It should make people interact with other people or themselves. How to make people connect? To share? To discuss? To think deeply about their personal journey? To grow?

You do not need to be an amazing artist to create an art project- all you need is an imagination, an idea, and a drive to make an amazing experience for someone else!

How to get involved with your art project

Submit an application !APPLY NOW! Deadline April 2nd11:59 PM!

  • You can use this link: http://suis2021.mikecrm.com/hco7uB0

The art process:

Step 1: Plan to come to the burn!

Step 2: Apply for a grant

Step 3: Application review: ministers will mee to go over art applications and allocate grants

Step 4: Planning: get creative – brainstorm, make a plan and a budget. Map out:

  • Shopping list – where can you get these materials? Cost efficiency?
  • Actions checklist: assign roles and responsibilities if you are a team
  • Form a WeChat group with regular meetings
  • Fundraise yourselves as much as possible!

Step 5: Build Build Build!

Step 6: Pack it on the art truck the week before the Burn.

Step 7: Assemble it at the Burn and let the community enjoy!

Step 8: Burn it or pack it out ? Don’t forget LNT.

Behind the Scenes

After the application submission deadline, the ministry of Art will meet to decide on the allocation of art grants.Want to get involved in becoming part of the Ministry of Art and guiding artists? Contact us!

The Ten Principles that we hope your project will be inspired by!

Past Projects

We look forward to hearing what your imagination can bring!

Much love,

Ministry of Art

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