Callout for Fire Lovers!

Fire is the core of burners events: a symbol of complete transformation and energy being released; it is the ultimate commitment of our community.

Let’s say it out loud: we want to see more fire, now that Dragon Burn has been running for a few years and reached a certain maturity. We also want to share more with the community and transform fire to a major opportunity for participation.

This is a Call for Fire.

Effigy and Temple Open Call

This year we open up the process for Effigy and Temple – the design, the building team, and the burn procedures. Wanna get involved? It’s time to collect ideas and step-up to make Effigy and Temple teams a stable and pro-active part of the burn, able to produce and lead Proposal, Building Plan, Burning Plan, and Leave-No-Trace Plan.

Stay tuned on a call for the Effigy and Temple Teams andLeads which will be coming VERY soon.

You can help in many different ways:

  • Submitting Effigy and Temple Ideas and Plans
  • Committing to participate to the building Teams (busy up to a month before the Burn)
  • Helping to provide burnable materials that is compliant with the standards and not-toxic
  • Being part of the Burn Perimeter and/or the Burn Safety Team

The application will include guidelines for submission and deadlines.
Expect deadlines to be tight: the Dragon burns in less than 80 days. Activate yourself now!

The most important aspect of the Effigy and Temple is to be realistically delivered: always remember that we’re looking for a great experience, not the most complex engineering!

If you are thinking to submit a proposal for Effigy orTemple, you can start to take these aspects in consideration:

  • provide a shared experience for the community to engage with
  • be experienced at day and at night
  • be as accessible as possible to all the community
  • use recycled materials where possible
  • be safe for the crew to build, and the community to enjoy
  • surprise and delight people!
  • leave no trace
  • fit within the budget and time available

Fire Arts

Besides the Effigy and Temple, we want to support the artists in producing more burnable arts, and to inspire participation that involve fire, flames, pyro and any form of fire you can imagine. Of course, safely! You can get some by googling for the amazing stuff Burning Man and other regionals are producing.

Art applications are currently open until 16/February!

And if your art needs/wants to be burned, get in touch for support.

Since 2013 we have burned 7 effigies, 2 temples and one fabulous flame art (Flaming Tetherball at DB 2018).

We want more!

We want your Dragon Burn Fire Arts!

The official application form will come soon. In the meantime, if you have ideas, questions, comments, get in touch:

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