Intergalactic Harmony

Greetings galactic traveler,

The day on Earth is May 1st 2020, the morning where all you beautiful Earthlings should be finishing your last-minute packing that you meant to complete last night (or last week) and rushing to a random location in downtown Shanghai, gear in tow, to head home.  

Burning the Effigy in 2014

When your spaceship landed, you would have been greeted, as is customary on Planet Autonomous Zone Dragon Burn, with hugs, cheers, possibly spankings and of course, our legendary Dragon Dance before being sent off to explore the great unknown.

In five days, the dragon should have burned, sending flames to lick the night sky as we dance around its glowing embers.

Unfortunately, that is not what the universe had in plan for us this year- The world has changed in ways that even Flying Baozi’s best tarot card reader couldn’t have predicted. Here we find ourselves, in various parts of the planet in a very different circumstance than we expected.

Whether you are stranded in a foreign country waiting for the green light to return, stuck on your parents’ couch eating way too many home cooked meals for your yoga pants to handle, or in the sanctuary of the Shanghai community, you are part of this family and we are connected in ways invisible to the human eye. Physically, we are divided, but our hearts remain in intergalactic harmony.

A lot of Burns choose an eleventh principle to represent their Burn. Ours is Gratitude. So we want to thank you. Thank you for going on this journey together. Thank you for continuing on this journey. Thank you for all the art, music, workshops and everything you choose to share with others. Thank you for being who you are.

Stay strong, stay safe, and keep your fire burning until we are back together again.  

Love, Light & Gratitude

The Dragon Burn Team.

One thought on “Intergalactic Harmony”

  1. I can imagine it was a difficult decision to cancel, heck, the big burn cancelled too! However, the spirit carries on throughout the community and now it is a time to come closer more than ever (at a proper social distance).

    Miss you DB <3


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