Dragon Burn 2020 Update

With only weeks until May 1st and no signal that the planned Burn is possible or would even be desirable, we’re announcing that Dragon Burn will not take place this May Day holiday.

Naturally, we are very disappointed to need to make this decision but in light of the changes occurring world-wide, it’s a small sacrifice.


The situation provides the community with the appealing challenge of creating new ways to burn without, and beyond the event to which we are accustomed.

We have not fixed another date yet: it could be later this year, or May 2021. Irrespective, we want the community to strengthen and energise this year. The community, artists and theme camps can imagine many different event formats: ways to reinforce the principles and disseminate them; arts project intended to be nurtured outside Dragon Burn; fundraising reaching new levels; remote parties; zone trips; beach exploration; picnics on Zoom; exhibitions; civic endeavours; adventure in other cities… We have already had an exciting exchange of new ideas and we’re calling on Theme Camps and the community to do the same.


Dragon Burn is not just an event but a (your!) community and a culture, and we can Burn every day, now, with or without the Dragon Burn event. We’d love you to use the comment section below to start spreading ideas and desires about what could happen within and after these cautious times. Burners have never been in favour of too much normality anyway…

WeChat is just one forum, so please also energise as Theme Camps and art projects and see what sparkles. We are really looking forward hearing ideas and seeing the community start implementing them.

There is a community event calendar here.

Stay safe. Activate yourself. Lots of love, DBOrg xx

5 thoughts on “Dragon Burn 2020 Update”

  1. Back where I come from, we’ve got this long-standing thing called “Burn Without the Bother” that goes on during the big burn for folks who aren’t gonna make the trip, usually at a friendly camp in the woods with a lake. Really chill.
    In that vein, there could still be a mini, informal thang that happens. Ain’t no worries to get up to X.location.X, with more-eclectic-than-normal happenings of some sort perhaps. But on a way smaller scale.

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