Financial Report 2019

We are happy to release the Financial Report for Dragon Burn: The Great Offline. As a volunteer-run non-profit community we strive to be transparent about the community’s finances. If you are curious about where the money for your ticket has gone you can check out all our financial reports from previous years.

This year we ended up with slightly less money than when we started even with an increased population. There were a couple of major reasons for this:

  • We had to use more weekends running up to the Burn, and we ran the Burn for a total of 5 days instead of only 4 so we were asked to pay more for site rental this year.
  • Our early arrival plans including hiring heavy machinery and specialised vehicles to make this year’s Burn even more spectacular, but the cost of this was over 40,000 RMB on top of our predicted expenses.

As it stands it is likely we will have to increase the ticket price slightly next year to maintain our balance, but be assured the money will go into making 2020 the best Burn in China so far!

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