There has been an update to China’s official holiday calendar for 2019. May 1st until May 4th are now official days off for everyone. It’s time to commit to Dragon Burn and buy your ticket!

All Buses Leave on Wednesday

Considering the updated holidays, we have decided to cancel the Thursday bus. This year all buses to Dragon Burn will leave Wednesday morning at 8am.

WTF? I already have a ticket for the Thursday bus!

Your ticket will be valid for the Wednesday bus even if it says Thursday. There’s no need to change your ticket if you already have one.

I haven’t bought my bus ticket yet…

Buying your bus ticket earlier helps us to organise enough buses for everyone. The sooner you buy your bus ticket the better. Ticket sales end on the 17th April and that includes bus tickets, so buy one now or you will need to get a taxi!

How do I get back?

The return buses have not changed. Buses will run from 3pm on Sunday as originally planned.

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