Meeting Minutes – 11th October 2018

Here are the meeting minutes for the 11th October held at Uncaffe. We talked about problems with Exodus, general DBORG structure and Decompression.


    1. Yummy
    2. Mike
    3. Bok
    4. Francesca
    5. Davide
    6. Elaine
    7. Kaylen
    8. Biboux
    9. Aaron
    10. Tucker
    11. Richey
    12. Anita
    13. Lavanda
    14. Pierre
    15. Ricardo

Afterburn/Financial Report

  • Dragon Burn Afterburn and Financial Reports to be available by November.
  • Doc Bok to be responsible for posting this on Trello.
  • Elaine had some additional expenses that will be adjusted.
  • Also, we voted to proceed with Official Decompression tonight so most likely Financial Report needs to be completed earlier.
  • This can be discussed on the next meeting if the secretaries so choose to.


  •  Storage is paid until October/November and will continued to be paid for on
    a month to month basis.
  • Temple of Boom and DB storage is now clubbed together in one storage space at StorHub Shanghai.
  • This is not ideal as the location is not convenient to go to Anji (have to cross the city) and the cost is relatively high in the city.
  • Options are to look at other storage facilities closer to the West (Hongqiao airport area for easy access and quick way out of the city) but this needs to be looked into by a (preferably) Chinese national fluent in Mandarin.
  • We are preferably looking at a bigger space as finding stuff is tough at the moment and we waste a lot of time arranging/rearranging and finding the stuff we need for events.
  • We will need several quotes. Also, storage boxes on wheels options to wheel things in and out for convenience to be discussed.

Meeting Structure

  • ‘We need to open with a topic and close the topic, otherwise the minutes are
    useless’ said the wise Aaron.
  • Meetings need to be more focused and two secretaries are appointed (interim): Aaron and Tucker.
  • They will choose the topics that are relevant for that meeting and we will discuss and focus on coming up with a solution and/or put things to a vote.

Theme Camps

  • Theme camps need to first individually think about what they want to do and the way of working and then we can discuss back into the larger group for solutions.

Burn Exodus

  • Issues: Camps exodus, bus clusterfuck.
  • Themecamps will need to find their own ways of breaking down camp and putting into truck (some camps might need their own truck) and DB should take care of buses.
  • Mike and Fran are heading this project.
  • Yummy had some great ideas on Trello on pulsing and finding a way to ensure that theme camp members don’t get to skip out on their exodus duties with the early morning buses (See Trello).
  • Kaylen will be helping in an assisting role. Potentially outsourcing the whole bus logistics to save headache.
  • Maybe get some quotes and check with DocBok for financial feasibility of outsourcing this?

Planning Team Roles

  • Every member of planning will need to think of their own role in what she/he is doing for planning. Some planners are all over the place and it is not clear what their final roles are.
  • Please think about this and update what you think is the best role forward for yourself on Trello.


  • Volunteers are not being briefed.
  • We have a lot of volunteers that lose momentum as they are not being properly handled.
  • Ministry of Volunteers and Centre Camp to work closely together to ensure that lines of communication is very clear.
  • Checking with all Ministries before the Burn which camp need volunteers and which camp can offer volunteers to the playa is crucial.
  • Clear job description written out at Centre Camp and Welcome Centre.
  • Small workloads of 3-4 hours per job/per person.
  • Low entry points and make it fun.
  • Aaron and Kaylen responsible for this task.


  • Fran: Planning team to learn a consensual way of communicating.
  • Improving communication skills and give all people a fair chance to be a true participant.
  • I think Fran should have a more detailed talk on this on the next meeting how to proceed on this.

DBORG Structure

  • We need more structure in place.
  • Our Burn is growing fast.
  • Our tasks are multiplying fast.
  • While we each love our respective Ministries, we also do not want to be stuck to the Ministry full time while at the Burn.
  • We need to be able to find a balance.
  • Maybe each Ministry think and write down what you see is your game plan for the year up to the Burn and then also write down what you foresee is a more accurate job description for your ministry while at the Burn (I see this a being two separate things.)

Secretary Role

  • We need a secretary(ies).
  • In charge of monitoring progress, ensuring that everyone is keeping to the topics being discussed.
  • Developer team.
  • Secretary is also in charge of minutes. Leader topic based. Brainstorm sessions.
  • Vote on topics.
  • Two secretaries appointed (interim) Tucker and Aaron


  • We need a platform that works.
  • Both WeChat and Trello are not ideal.
  • We voted on Trello and we agree that we can all use a refresher course
    on how to use Trello efficiently.
  • Yummy will be in charge of education of Trello.
  • Maybe she can have a workshop with whoever is interested.
  • We need to minimize the noise we make in Trello and work more structured.
  • Alana: Think about and fill in your master task list on Trello. It will give us a
    better overview of who does what.

On-Site Volunteer Recruitment

  • Pierre: Have a volunteer corner at the Burn.
  • Potential locations, welcome tent, centre camp or other places with high traffic.
  • Centre Camp volunteer gigs posted on white board. Updated daily. Make the volunteer jobs accessible to all.

On-Site Information

  • Information is key
  • Set up 2-3 information points at the Burn. Short insightful messages that will help participants.
  • General information, snark, theme camp stories, etc.
  • Yummy is in charge of much needed guidebook. Kaylen will assist.
  • Tucker: At burn binders and heavy stuff is not ideal.
  • Be like the Jamboree board.
  • Informative interesting stuff.
  • Kitchen schedule was updates on the go.
  • Work schedule to be put on white board.
  • Keep things short, fun, informative.


  • Decomp to be held. Elaine will talk to BM and apply for official decomp.
  • Picknick?


  • So Trello is the way forward.
  • If you think your have important issues to be discussed in the larger group for next meeting, please update Trello and/or check in with Tucker/Aaron to ensure that they will be put on the table on the next meeting.

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