Trucking and EA info

If you are in an arts team or theme camp, you need enough people to be EA (early arrival) in order to set up on site before the deadline. Ideally you won’t still be setting up once participants have arrived.

Set up time

Starts Saturday 21st April (working Sat and Sun) and must be complete by Friday 27th April by sundown (working Friday only). Participants arrive before midnight Friday.

Theme Camps must be self-reliant and have all the labour, tools and equipment necessary to build the camp or project. There will be limited access to storage, ladders and scaffold on site and requirements must be discussed in advance. Please be proactive.

Early Arrival Requirements

Here are the loading procedure requirement for ALL art and theme camps:

  • Be early. Plan how to get to the location. E.g. you may need to hire a van in advance.
  • All teams must bring sufficient manpower to load the truck (bring friends, flatmates, colleagues).
  • All items must be inside self-contained stackable boxes/crates/bags suitable for handling by anyone not familiar with the item. Carrier bags and loose items are not acceptable.
  • All items must be labelled with the camp or art project name.
  • Everything fragile or with special requirements is your responsibility to pack and label as such.
  • Everyone will require patience (some items may need to be packed in order), and will produce sweat!

Truck Packing Location

Guangyuan Lu x Hongqiao Lu (广元西路虹桥路).

Truck Schedule

  • Truck 1:                Friday 20th April 7:30pm
  • Truck 2:                Thursday 26th April 7:30pm

On the Thursday, the EA bus will also be departing from the same location (this is different from the normal bus location for participants). Project teams are expected to complete all loading for all camps/projects and then board the bus to site.

To make that a smooth process, it is essential to be on-time and self-reliant. Save the address in your phone. Help each other. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and hard work!

Lots of love, Dragon Burn EA team and Ministry of Arts

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