has an intense color and a slight shine,
is a steady radiance of light or heat.

is a bloom on your skin,
is a feeling of warmth in the body, in the mind.

is to feel deep pleasure or satisfaction,
is a strong feeling of fulfillment and well-being…

Think shining, think radiating, think glowing.
Convey it through radical expression.

Let's make the forest glow
Let’s make the forest glow

The Nevada desert is situated right in the middle of the darkest part of the USA. At night time it is pitch black, a seemingly empty void. But once a year, for nearly two weeks a temporary city is built. It is a city of LED costumes, brightly lit sculptures, fire-breathing art cars, fire, and many Burns. Once a year Black Rock City makes the desert glow.

This year Dragon Burn moves to a new site, a darker site, shrouded by a forest. Participants will need to rely on themselves more for sources of light. So our intention is to make the forest glow at night. When you plan your projects for Dragon Burn, think about how you can incorporate light into it.

Maybe you can decorate it with LEDs or make it flammable for the Burn (you must register anything flammable with DB Ministry of Art). Maybe your project could be based entirely around the concept of light or glowing in the dark, maybe it is not easily discovered during the day or it could be hidden without darkness. Maybe it is about light coming from within. Maybe you will glow. Don’t be afraid to take your own spin on this theme.

This year, let’s make Dragon Burn glow.

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