Reminder: Art Grants 2017

Reminder that today is the last day for Art Grant Applications!

First of all, whatever you contributed to the community event this year, from sweat and toil lifting equipment, to planning a whole theme camp, thank you! We KNOW how much hard work Dragon Burn can be; the dedication and tenacity required. You’re awesome for being a contributor and we really hope that the experience has been rewarding for you.

Applications for Art Grants are now open. If you brought an installation or workshop to Dragon Burn this year and need help recovering material costs then you can apply for an art grant.

‘Art’ is a very broad term at the Burn. At Burning Man, they apply the grants system quite strictly to physical art, excluding sound systems, stages, domes, mutant vehicles…

At Dragon Burn, because we are not so established, we are being a little more flexible. Dragon Burn Arts Grant includes:

  • Physical installations
  • Activities that consume material (except food) such as some workshops
  • Equipment-based gifts to the Burn such as the cinema
  • Mutant vehicles

What it does not include is Theme Camp infrastructure (but can include art provided by the Theme Camp), sound equipment and stages, domes and tents. Given we are being more flexible than Burning Man, we hope that sounds reasonable to you all!

Apply for an Art Grant!

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