Theme Camp Spotlight: Flying Baozi Dome Project

Flying Baozi Theme Camp!
Flying Baozi Theme Camp!

The sky is our play area and safety is the key to get crazy and explore as many things as our minds can imagine!

Flying Baozi Dome creates an environment where you can learn, practice, and play! From hammocking and aerial silks, to yoga, acro yoga, thai massage, slackline and body paint. You can play the entire day away with us!

In the morning, relax with breakfast and flow with contemporary dance; chill and daze in the hammocks; get creative with body paint to express your mood using your body as your canvas.

After lunch, we’ll all be full of energy and ready to PLAY! Discover all the possibilities of strength, balance and silliness practicing slackline and monkey around with the smiles and trust of Acroyoga.

Be sure to learn more about Theme Camps or apply to start your own!

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