Effigy Fundraiser!

In case you didn’t know already, our Indiegogo fundraiser for the effigy has started!

The effigy is the focus of a Burn. It stands in the center as a symbol of the community, and at the end every paricipant comes together to witness the burning of the effigy. The effigy is funded independently and, like everything else, is designed and constructed by volunteers.

This Year’s Effigy

View of the “Fire” side

This year’s effigy was designed by Magic Ma.  Magic Ma is working as a product engineer and is currently based in Shanghai, China.

The effigy will be a 5m tall Chinese character combination. The idea is to use 3D calligraphy to combine 3 different Chinese characters into a 3D installation using wooden blocks. The 3 Chinese characters are 人, 龙, 火, meaning HUMAN, DRAGON, and FIRE respectively. Participants will recognize these 3 characters by viewing the effigy from different angles. These 3 characters will all appear in a triangle, making it a steady installation.

Overhead view of the Effigy

We will do a test build before the event.  The effigy team is currently planning to build the structure into large sections, and then store away the sections up until the event.  The pieces along with other artwork will be loaded onto a truck and then transported to the site.

Problems to solve include finding the right kind of wood for the building blocks. We are looking at different resources and are trying to get the perfect sized blocks for the structure.


Please consider donating towards this year’s effigy via our IndieGoGo page.

View from the “Dragon” side

Your contributions will go towards:

  • Materials (wood, glue, hook screws, and cables/wires)
  • Storage
  • Transportation

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